Immersive Room Mondadori


A cylinder with a diameter of just 3 meters.
Located in the Junior area of the new Mondadori Store in Milan's Piazza Duomo, we conceived, designed and built an immersive and interactive experience.
The store was scheduled to open on March 23, 2023. The official start of construction was just before Christmas.


The Brief

Creating an immersive and interactive experience inside the soon-to-open store in downtown Milan. A kid-friendly, user-friendly, impactful experience that can lend itself to ever-changing and different storytelling.Make the space and experience self-explanatory, so that staff can focus on sales support activities and customers can independently understand how to move around the space and how to best enjoy the experience.

Our approach:

The conformation of the space, an almost completely closed cylinder and theuse of projection are undoubtedly a guarantee of immersiveness .In fact, this solution makes it possible to create an immersive and all-encompassing atmosphere, especially in the eyes of a child.
This is why we decided to propose a solution that does not aim to make the room and the technology used directly interactive, but aims at the use of a tool that can mediate between the guest and the room itself. The idea is to give visitors the opportunity to have a subjective experience, to create their own personal story to live in this immersive environment. We will provide children with a variety of settings, characters and events to choose from so that everyone can experience within the immersive room the story they have always dreamed of! Princesses, witches, enchanted castles and wild forests--a range of settings that can then help children unleash their imaginations!

We will create an interactive surface, which will be shaped like an open book, with the two blank pages: A STORY TO WRITE!



Since its 'opening day, March 23, 2023, the bookstore has recorded 1.5 million total visits and growing sales compared to the previous store. Thanks to its services, which combine innovation and tradition, the bookstore has been honored with numerous awards confirming it as a unique place of culture.


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