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Does the client require data capture or simply want entertainment? Is there any gadget to hand out to guests? These and other questions help us figure out which of our tools is best suited to your needs.
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Our tools


The Safe

Data capture guaranteed!
Patented, "THE SAFE" attracts the attention of everyone who, after registering, tries the combination to open it and win the prize displayed!

Giga iPhone

A Giant Photo Booth!
An iPhone reproduced at 16:1 scale for individual or group photos, customized with event graphics. Choose the effect, pose and download your photo!

360 Photo Booth

Matrix Effect!
A circular platform to climb on alone or in company. A few seconds and an arm will rotate around the platform, creating a digital gadget in video format, sent via e-mail.

Magic Mirror

Guests will be able to personalize the Magic-Mirror with their own message or drawing and take a selfie of themselves or in a group. The photo will be available for download via Qr-code

Mosaic Wall

The photo, printed with an ID code, will be pasted to the Mosaic Wall in the corresponding location while a second copy will be left with the user as a reminder of the event. As photos are added to the panel, the hidden image will be revealed!

Share & Print

Take or have a photo taken with our device Collect your live-printed photo with a personalized event frame as a memento of your experience. The fomato of the card is customizable.

The Buzzer

A giant button that activates the turn of the wheel of fortune, the screen that attracts guests' attention. When data collection is not critical, THE BUZZER is the most suitable system for product sampling.

Reaction Game

Reaction is an interactive game that can be used to measure reaction time, agility, reflexes and peripheral attention.
Earn the most points in the time available!

Cockpit Sim Challenge

With our simulators, challenge your guests in a 3-lap race with overall standings to discover the best driver among them! Our dedicated technician will help them with the experience!

Dynamic Simulator

Thanks to the power of the software and the three-axis motion system, once you get on board you will have an unforgettable experience, safely catapulted into a virtual world, but with the same thrills and chills as real track driving.
AR Games

Gesture Games

With the use of LIDAR technology and without the use of AR/VR helmets, we can create totally touchless experiences with the "Minority Report" effect! In the image it was asked to perform a tire change as quickly as possible.

AR Treasure Hunt

An augmented reality treasure hunt is a game in which players use a device to search for virtual "treasures" hidden in the real world. These treasures can be located using GPS coordinates or by following clues and solving puzzles!

Trivia Game Show

Individually or divided into teams. Customized questions, real-time leaderboards. The sooner you answer, the more points you earn, but if you get it wrong, you lose the points! A real game show for your event!

Gaming Zone

With our totems you can create a gaming zone of any size and with any game title. Available with the latest XBox or PlayStation consoles, they have anti-theft systems that do not require manning.

Totem Arcade

We create arcade games customized with your company/brand. We can install them on our touch totems and give guests the opportunity to challenge others in games of skill or luck.

These shown are just a few of our engagement tools!

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