Special Projects - R&D


We love innovation!

At The Rocks, our passion is fueled by a deep love for what lies ahead. We focus on innovation, pushing boundaries and harnessing the power of emerging technologies. Our commitment to the future is not just a mindset; it is the driving force behind everything we do. At The Rocks, the future is not just a destination: it is our constant inspiration.

Projected into the future:

The Rocks is at the forefront of innovation. Our commitment to staying at the forefront of the rapidly evolving fields of robotics and artificial intelligence ensures that we consistently deliver cutting-edge solutions.

Experience of success:

Rely on a proven track record. The Rocks has a history of successful projects and implementations. Our portfolio reflects our ability to translate innovation into tangible results.

Future-Ready Solutions:

The Rocks is dedicated to developing solutions that anticipate and adapt to the changing technological landscape. We closely follow megatrends to turn them into opportunities for clients.

Holistic Tech Approach:

Our approach involves not only implementing the technology, but integrating it seamlessly into existing systems.

Not only THINKERS but especially MAKERS



We love to imagine, conceive and prototype ideas. We personally use tools such as drill presses, miter saws, milling machines, and welding machines to fabricate and assemble prototypes.

3D Printing

The Rocks owns and operates five 3D printers. These powerful tools are the beating heart of our creative process and allow us to bring concepts to life with precision and efficiency.

AR/VR Headset & AI

We are in the midst of an exciting internal research and development project, expanding the boundaries of what is possible with the fusion of AI, AR and VR technologies.

Vending Machine

Through our special projects, we have gained experience in vending machines with ad-hoc projects, from data catching to product sampling.

"I would like to amaze the visitor by having the coffee machine start only if he makes a hole in one with the miniature golf. Is that possible?"

We are working on this project. Tell us about yours!