Energy Detector - KIA


As a sponsor of Stramilano 2024, KIA asked us to create an immersive and impressive experience inside its booth in Piazza Duomo where the KIA EV9 Full Electric is on display.
We therefore thought of an "Energy Detector." Entering an immersive Cube, have the guest experience a 4D multisensory experience (audio, video, tactile & vibration) that is activated by gripping two handles that close the circuit and trigger the calculation of one's "energy footprint."
The challenge was to interpret the vision of innovation and sustainability of which Kia is a great global interpreter. The time was not much but we wanted to come up with a design that was up to par, engaging and effective.



As a CSR activity, KIA decided to donate an EV9 in Medical Car version to Avis of Cologno Monzese to offer relief to the metropolitan city of Milan. The idea was then to create an immersive experience, linked to the UNSTOPPABLE ENERGY concept, with a simple but impactful call-to-action. Upon reaching 300 experiences over the 10-day activity period, it would automatically trigger a commitment for KIA to make the donation. Given the very high walkability of Cathedral Square, we knew this milestone would surely be reached.

Our team's cohesion with the client allowed us to succeed in sharing our idea in no time: on day 2 they received our idea drawn on paper. Instantly liked it, we made a 3D of it. By day 3 we had the design approved. Wow!

In a few days the project was done and ready for public display!



Since the 'opening day, March 16, 2024, the 300 experience milestone was reached in just 1 day, for which KIA donated a KIA EV9 medical car to AVIS of Cologno Monzese.
A milestone that the customer surely expected to reach in the 10 days the space was open, certainly not on day 1! The activity was also very successful on social media, picked up and shared by influencers and ordinary people.


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Donated Medical Car